Gear decorative retro industrial style wall iron wall hanging bar punk backdrop decorative wall clock

Product Name: gear decorative retro industrial style wall iron wall hanging bar punk backdrop decorative wall clock
Material: metal cold-rolled iron
Product process: hand welding + varnish rust color drawing
Metal thickness: custom thickness
Product size: custom size +Recommended optional sizes: 2.0m*0.9m, 2.2m*1.1m.
Recommended optional style: Rust models, antique brass quartz models, silver models, varnished models, rust quartz models, horizontal models, 1 square meter real models and 1 square meter decorative models. (custom any style)
Use: decorative items + wall decorations + hanging decorations
Minimum order quantity: Support 1 piece customization
Packing: wooden box/wooden frame/steel frame packing, individually packed

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This is an industrial type vintage do-over punk retro bar decorated with gears wall clock.
The whole of the gear wall clock is made up of gears and metal cold rolled steel parts.
Gear wall clock is an industrial style pendulum, its gears turn to feel the mechanical and heavy metal scene, while giving a sense of technology; gear wall clock is suitable for bar decoration, theme events, home decoration, cafe decoration, hotel decoration and other scenes, such as restaurants, etc.
We support custom styles, including colors, sizes and logos.

Products Application

Bar furniture, cafe decoration, shooting props, restaurant decoration, office decoration, living room decoration, commercial furniture, home furniture, store furniture.

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Product style and color:
This product are photographed in kind, because the monitor and light reasons there will be a certain color difference. Custom products are handmade, size and parts are not the same, the same product there are certain differences, because each is unique, the production is completed we will take pictures or video for confirmation, the specific to prevail in kind.
About the installation: due to the different places, the installation is different, you need to provide your own screws hanging bars and other accessories. Because the product is heavy, if the wall can not bear the weight, must be in the ground for reinforcement to prevent accidents.

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